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William Booth: Salvation Army Founder, Freemason

To those who claim there is no proof that William Booth founder of the Salvation Army was a Freemason I present the following evidence. Throughout his life we can plainly see that Mr. Booth would put his hand (usually the right) inside his jacket. Why does this matter? In Freemasonry this is called the "hidden hand of Jahbulon" (AKA sign of the master of the second veil) gesture and was done in order to clandestinely show his brother Masons that he was part of their fraternity. The phrase refers to how Freemasons consider themselves to be the hidden hand that shapes world history.

When looking at all the world leaders who have participated in this conspiracy I see no reason to disagree. Jah-bul-on is the combination of the trinity of gods of Freemasonry: Jah (Yah - Yahweh), Bul (Baal) and On (Osiris -worshiped in Egypt as the god On).

If you look closely at this photograph you can see William Booth wearing a T shirt with the original Salvation Army logo. It depicts the sun wearing a crown which makes sense since Yahweh, Baal and Osiris are all connected to sun worship. It also features a very snake like 'S' seemingly wrapped around the cross of Christ. The snake wrapped around the cross is also of course occult in origin.







Perhaps the most damning evidence of all is the fact that Mr. Booth is listed on the Ezekiel Grand Lodge of New Jersey website amongst the famous Freemasons of religious leaders!

Many, many world leaders throughout history (particularly in the 18th and 19th centuries) have been photographed and immortalized in art whilst making this masonic gesture, perhaps the most well known of which is Napoleon. What was not understood until recent history was the significance of the gesture. I urge you to do your own research and confirm the truth for yourselves brothers and sisters.


Napoleon, Emperor of France


Here we see two men with President Lincoln visiting the troops. Notice Lincoln is not making the gesture? He was surrounded by his enemies. But look who is! There seems to be no limit to the amount of civil war soldier photographs that depict them making this Freemason gesture. One was even featured on the popular "Pawn Stars" TV show.


This is John Wilkes Booth, Lincoln's assassin showing us that his true allegience was to the Masons first, country second. Could he possibly be related to William Booth?


Joseph Stalin and George Washington


Karl Marx


Solomon Rothschild of the Jewish banking family.

By the way, did you know Rothschild means "red shield"?


Illustration of the sign of the "Hidden Hand" from a Masonic book.


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