The Character Assassination of Bill Cosby

IMGBill Cosby appears to be in big trouble. As you all by now are certainly aware for the last few months the media has been full of torrid tales of his molesting this woman and that one. Strangely enough, the recent wave of sexual allegations against Cosby came soon after comedian Hannibal Buress started calling Cosby a rapist as part of his standup comedy act (language warning). Who names their child Hannibal anyway? Perhaps I should add that name to my "Clues You Are Dealing with Closet Witches" article.

Something about these allegations just doesn't quite sit right with me. I initially became interested in him a few years ago when I uncovered his part ownership in the 70s of a record label called "Tetragrammaton Records" whose logo features the occult unity/infinity symbol. Perhaps the most famous (or infamous) Tetragrammaton Records release was "Two Virgins" the cover of which featured John and Yoko buck naked (Click this link if you have the stomach for it). This was way before the Hebrew Roots movement was out in the open. The Tetragrammaton is the four Hebrew letters worshiped in Kabbalah as God. This information triggered a distant memory of when I worked with him briefly in the 80s during his "Cosby Show" heyday.

Cosby worked with a musical director named Stu Gardner back then, but he booked all the recording studio sessions under the name "Uts Rendrag". This is significant because there are many, many examples of those 'in the know' like the Beatles (Seltaeb) and Oprah Winfrey (Harpo Productions) using their names backwards to conduct business. The practice is called the 'law of reversal' and traces back to Aleister Crowley. It is occult in origin and serves as a sign to others what team they are playing for and the source of their success.

So armed with this knowledge I surmised that Cosby was at the very least involved with, if not a willing participant in the New World Order (NWO). Realistically speaking, the fact of the matter is that nobody has the stellar success in show business that Bill Cosby has had without making a deal with the Devil. The Illuminati is a world organization run by Kabbalah practicing fake Jews of the 'synagogue of Satan' (Revelation 2:9 KJV); the same ones who run modern Israel today and are preparing to run the world from there in the rebuilt temple with the Antichrist. The Tetragrammaton and hexagram (star of David) are their symbols.

How the NWO Entraps Men like Cosby

"There are lots of friends; Cosby, Jimmy Caan, Jim Brown and other friends are out here playing almost every day."
Hugh Hefner - Playboy's Roller Disco & Pajama Party (1979)

Now for those who willingly participate in the New World Order one of the 'perks' is to have sex with beautiful women who more often than not are MKULTRA victims and severely demon posessed. You should know that the reports of modeling agencies sending models to him are likely true. Many of these 'modeling agencies' are in fact nothing more than high priced prostitution rings. The same goes for the recent accusations that Cosby raped some twelve Playboy Bunnies. Seriously, I know they think we're all dumb cattle, but does the Illuminati really expect us to believe that of all these women none thought to press charges until now? These accusations coming out decades after the statute of limitations has run out does not make any sense. There is more to this than meets the eye.

"Bill Cosby has been a good friend for many years and the mere thought of these allegations is truly saddening. I would never tolerate this kind of behavior, regardless of who was involved."
Hugh Hefner - The Hollywood Reporter

One cannot talk about this story without mentioning Hugh Hefner. It is common knowledge that through the years Hugh has demanded sex from many of his magazines “Playmates” as a condition of their employment. Do you suppose if Cosby had raped a bunch of Playboy bunnies Hugh would have gotten wind of it? Hugh's statement to the Hollywood Reporter has been carefully crafted to leave the impression that he was unaware of any accusations until now without saying as much. Cosby was in fact very good friends with Hugh Hefner and a frequent visitor to the Playboy mansion which has long served as a brothel for Hollywood's elites. Nothing went down there without Hef knowing about it.

The truth of the matter is that Hefner is a pimp for the New World Order. His magazine provides a service to these men who order the women they want to meet from its pages like a menu from a restaurant. His Playboy Clubs served the same purpose while they were in existence, all the while hidden in plain sight. These places kept meticulous records and sometimes even video recorded encounters. Bill Cosby wasn't a rapist, he was a john. This is business as usual in America, so it would seem that he must have stepped on some big toes for them to expose just him, or did he?

"I was told the project paid $5000 cash. I thought that was strange, who pays $5000 cash for a modeling job? The job was to meet Bill Cosby and to try to seduce him; it would be apart of the script. I was confused by this job request. They told me I would be recording the session to see if I was successful and believable. My response to them… I would like to meet Mr. Cosby first and discuss the script. They said no, it wasn’t necessary to meet him. They said it was a spontaneous casting call. I have never in my life heard of a spontaneous casting call."
Wilhelmina Model Paid to Destroy Bill Cosby?

The above article seems to answer many questions, but raises many more. All the elements are there including shady people paying to get blackmail material against Cosby. Further on in the article the possibility of collecting his semen is even discussed. Why? The obvious reasons are for DNA evidence against him, and perhaps the siring of a 'love child' via in utero fertilization at some later point in time. But I'm afraid the motivations for collecting his semen were perhaps far more sinister. You see, a witch can use the male seed to cast powerful spells upon him, possibly even a death curse.

It would be easy for some to blame this on the women accusers conveniently coming out against him long after the statute of limitations has expired. But one must understand that the women are just as much the victims here as Cosby himself. They have been pressured to come out after all these years by their handlers. One only needs to watch a recent interview with Janice Dickinson by Nancy Grace on Cosby to see a tragic example of what years of trauma based mind control does to a woman's mind. Where was all her rage thirty years ago?

Why Target Bill Cosby?

There is just no possible way that all of this Bill Cosby hoopla lately is an accident. I am convinced that he is or once was a participating member of the NWO. Did he fall out of favor with the NWO?  Bill Cosby may be guilty of these charges, however they blackmail men like him all the time with exactly the kind of accusations he is facing now to keep them in line without incident. Why him and why now?

One of the ways that the Illuminati control both men and women is through blackmail. They control the media and decide who gets outed. Under normal circumstances team players simply don't get exposed like Cosby has, and in his case it wasn't even subtle. Wave by wave the accusations have been coming, in a pattern that suggests the intention to create the greatest snowball effect. This has all the earmarks of carefully orchestrated character assassination by media. What did Cosby do to deserve this?

In recent years Cosby has been very vocal about the dumbing down of the black race which is a direct result of the Illuminati's overall attack on the family unit. Perhaps in their eyes he has crossed the line in warning folks. But I believe there may be more to this than the NWO keeping one of their own in line.

Here's something else to consider. In light of the recent events in Ferguson and the Eric Garner case could the Cosby scandal be part of a larger scheme? One cannot overestimate the shock that 'America's dad' being an accused rapist has had on the current generation of adults, particularly those of the black community. He gave them hope that they too could one day be 'Huxtables' with a little work and perseverance.

But now it seems to me that the rug is quickly being proverbially ripped out from under any black Americans who may have any lingering doubt that the deck was always stacked against them. Fear and hopelessness is quickly setting in, and rage. As I have mentioned before, I believe that Charles Manson's vision of "Helter Skelter" coming to America wasn't all fantasy. I believe that contrived race wars are in America's future and with every incident the pot is being stirred to the boiling point.

I also believe that a 'big event' is going to occur soon that has been designed to send Black America over the edge. What would likely accomplish this? One such scenario would be the assassination of President Barack Obama. I sincerely pray this doesn't happen, but I need to get this possibility out in the open. We seem to be being setup for such an event with people like apostate preacher/likely CIA asset Steven Anderson outright praying for Obama's death. When one tries to counsel his followers as I have it becomes quickly apparent that they are under some type of powerful mind control.

"Anyone who is not in agreement with pastor Steven Anderson has the wrath of god upon them. Repent!!"
Quote from a Steven Anderson devotee

As a matter of fact it wouldn't surprise me a bit if such an assassination scenario were to be perpetrated by a Steven Anderson follower. How convenient an excuse would that be to portray all Christians as murderous lunatics and trigger worldwide persecution of Christians like the world has never seen? That is why Steven Anderson's messages of hate towards our president and the LGBT community must be vocally (and loudly) condemned by true Christians. Make no mistake, for the Christian to remain silent on his murderous rantings is every bit as wicked as the Muslim who refuses to condemn the jihad preaching Imam.


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