Clues you are Dealing with Closet Witches

IMGLest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.
2 Corinthians 2:11 (KJV)

What you are about to read is not conjecture but from my own personal experiences. If you’re making a difference for the kingdom of Heaven Satan is sending his servants to infiltrate your life. They are there to both observe what you are doing and find any way to bring you down. They will also add any leaven they can get away with. They may present themselves as teachers with unique knowledge of the occult such as William Schnoebelen or Fritz Springmeier. Much of what they say is true; otherwise they would never win any followers. But the goal is to get us to submit ourselves to their spiritual authority.

Can two walk together, except they be agreed?
Amos 3:3 (KJV)

The following is a general guide to discerning occultists that may be operating around you. They will try to befriend you and become personally involved with you. They will try to seduce you or draw you into an improper relationship. The number one way they bring down men of God is through sex. If you have a problem with greed they will offer you a financial deal too good to be true as ‘partners’ with them. If your problem is pride they will heap praise upon you. If you are an observant person you will pick up on certain things that don’t seem quite right.

Use Your Spiritual Discernment

Something that always bothered me about Carter Conlon was the way he would place his hands in a certain position at least once nearly every time he spoke. For a long time I would get a subtle check in my spirit every time he did it but I chose to ignore it. Stop doing that. Finally I felt God telling me he was flashing signs. I researched this gesture and found not only that it was occult in nature, but that many others have been doing it. Once I wrote about it other Christians wrote me to say they had gotten that same sense of being offended in the spirit when he made this gesture. One even said it would make her angry.

The point is to learn to trust the Holy Spirit in you, we must train ourselves to be sensitive to these things and not just ignore Holy Ghost alarm bells when they go off. If you could learn just one thing from this article I hope it is this.

A False Gospel

The first and foremost way to detect occultists operating under the guise of being fellow Christians is simply to be a Berean and check everything people say against the Word of God. If only Christians would do this Satan would be defeated before he even got started. We have been trained to immediately assume the best about everyone who preaches the gospel, even when it is false doctrine; they are merely confused, don’t understand or are not listening. Stop doing that. Most of them know exactly what they are doing; destroying the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Occult Themed Names

One thing to be aware of are the names of those you interact with whether they are given, stage or Internet nicknames. Some are more obvious than others, here are a few examples. There are a lot of women running around who were named after the witches in the occult themed TV shows such as Samantha, Jeannie, Sabrina, Tabitha et al. Others are named after the goddesses such as Diana, Isis, Iris, Phoebe and Lilith. Some I have come across personally were Lucien and Devin. There is a New York reporter called Penny Crone which is an occult related surname. Let me be clear, it is entirely possible that some you will meet were just given lousy names. This is just a general 'rule of thumb' indicating that you might want to keep an eye on this person and do a little background snooping.

A valid question we can ask here is why? Why name your kids after pagan demonic entities? Arrogance. These people are perfectly aware of how utterly clueless the average person is, especially Christians. We are just about the most clueless of all which is one reason that Christ likened us to sheep. But there's more to it. Incredulity is actually a tool employed to deceive the masses. You see, the Illuminati have long understood that the more shocking and brazen an act is the less likely you are to believe it.


I have come across several people who claim to be Christians yet are prone to sudden outbursts of profanity. These are not cases where the person was provoked in any way it just seems to ‘slip out’ when they get excited about something. Of course most of us on occasion have had bad words slip out of our mouths when we hit a finger with a hammer or whatever, so we should not be quick to condemn someone for simply being human.

Animal Rights Activists

Who doesn’t love puppies and kittens? But do you know there are many out there who have more empathy for animals than people? In a normal world we would consider these people mentally ill sociopaths. Something that you will likely never hear preached against is the animal rights movement and its true purpose. There is a line that is crossed when animals become more important than humans.

One of the stated goals of Walt Disney was to make his animal characters as human as possible, to make people forget they were watching animals on those screens. Why? For us to develop a kinship with them; after all, we are all just animals, right? Wrong! It is a clever way of subtly promoting Darwinism, and at the same time people are losing their social skills, their ability to meaningfully relate to other humans.

And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.
Matthew 24:12 (KJV)

Divide and conquer! No God, no family, no support system. Go home and tell Rover your problems. In the occult world there is a lot of competition and everyone is looking over their shoulders. There is no one to trust and no real love in their lives, just pain and distrust. What a sad existence. So occultists gravitate towards dysfunctional emotional relationships like unnatural bonding with animals and promiscuous lifestyles as a poor substitute.


Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.
1 Timothy 4:3 (KJV)

The vegan lifestyle goes hand in hand with animal rights activism. The bible tells us that they will command that we abstain from meats in these last days. A certain amount of red meat is necessary for a balanced diet, it offers certain fats and proteins in amounts difficult to impossible to get from a vegan diet. I have seen wolves like Joel Osteen preach pro-vegan sermons stating that Daniel and his friends ate a vegan diet to please God. But scripture is clear; they ate vegetables only in order to avoid defiling themselves with the king's meat which was sacrificed to strange gods.

Wearing All Black Clothing

Black is a powerful color in religious symbolism, worn by spiritual representatives of many faiths, such as priests, nuns, and Hasidic rabbis. Few people would accuse their local nunnery of Satanic worship even though so many of them are found in flowing black robes. Whether they know it or not, religious leaders wear black because the practice carries with it an ancient psychic truth that has always been a part of Witchcraft. The color black is like a solar battery, drawing in energy and light which allows Witches to tap into the universal wisdom.
Occult Website

Quite often those within the craft will have all black wardrobes, especially the women. It is not merely a fashion choice folks. How interesting that many of these false religions indeed have their clergy wear all black attire. This is a great example of how you can find nuggets of truth even in occult teachings when the Holy Spirit has given you eyes to see.


Let the Exempt Adept first train himself to think backwards by external means, as set forth here following.
("a") Let him learn to write backwards, with either hand.
("b") Let him learn to walk backwards.
("c") Let him constantly watch, if convenient, cinematograph films, and listen to phonograph records, reversed, and let him so accustom himself to these that they appear natural, and appreciable as a whole.
("d") Let him practise speaking backwards; thus for "I am He" let him say, "Eh ma I".
("e") Let him learn to read backwards. In this it is difficult to avoid cheating one's self, as an expert reader sees a sentence at a glance. Let his disciple read aloud to him backwards, slowly at first, then more quickly.
("f") Of his own ingenium, let him devise other methods.
Aleister Crowley – Liber CMXIII

One of the ways that occultists communicate their affiliations to each other is through the use of Aleister Crowley’s law of reversal. In this particular occult teaching we can understand things like the backwards masking of messages into music and why Michael Jackson learned to walk backwards. Another example of this is in choosing backwards names for their companies. Perhaps the most well-known example of this is Oprah Winfrey's “Harpo Productions” however there are many more out there. A few other examples are Seltaeb which was the Beatles merchandising company and Uts Rendrag which is a small music publishing company I personally worked with in the 80s. Occultist and Freemason Walt Disney set up a company called Retlaw and named a Disney movie villain “Yen Sid”.

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