The Mark of the Beast (Part III)

IMGAs sobering it is to consider the capabilities of RFID technology attached to our vehicles, portable devices and even our bodies, tracking and identification are actually among the lesser evils of what is possible via implantable microchip technology. For many years we have had the technology to not only number humans electronically in their bodies but much, much more.

And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
Revelation 13:16 (KJV)

I want to focus for a moment on the two insertion points mentioned in the bible; the hand and forehead and why they matter. Practically speaking, a person that is missing their arms would obviously need this mark placed in another area of the body, but I'm afraid that is not the reason why the forehead will be chosen as an implant site.

Notice that amongst all those who will receive the mark are those both free and bond? As I mentioned in the previous part all those who receive this mark will be enslaved to the New World Order of the Illuminati. I believe the distinction made here between free and bond is that the 'free' person will be those who are allowed to move about in society on their own because they have completely submitted their wills to the NWO and pose no threat. On the other hand I'm afraid that those who receive will the mark in their forehead will be slaves of a different sort.

Why Put a Microchip in the Forehead?

Some of the older folks may remember an episode of "The Partridge Family" called "Old Scrapmouth" where Laurie Partridge is able to hear a radio station in her head due to recently getting braces on her teeth. In the show this was referred to as "The Piebald Syndrome" which in real life has nothing to do with radio waves but is actually a type of genetic disorder.

Anyway, I will try to explain this so called " Piebald Syndrome" phenomena without getting too technical. Everything on this earth (and even the earth itself) has a resonant frequency. This is the frequency that an object will mechanically resonate (vibrate) at, and is determined by the object's size and mass. When an object is exposed to its resonant frequency from an outside source it will resonate in unison with it.

Remember the "Is it live or is it Memorex?" commercials with Ella Fitzgerald? That is one example of what can happen when a wine glass meets its resonant frequency. Another example of this is when we rub the rim of a wine glass in a circular motion. By doing this we may hit upon the resonant frequency of the glass and it begins to vibrate sympathetically and make a pleasant ringing sound.

In the case of Laurie Partridge hearing a radio station in her mouth a component of her braces was just to right size to resonate in sympathy with the carrier signal of one of her local radio stations. She only heard the music portion of the signal though because the radio station's carrier frequency is way above human hearing.

So why the big science lesson? I want you to understand that a person claiming to 'hear voices in their head' is not necessarily crazy by any stretch of the imagination. This so called "Piebald syndrome" is a known scientific phenomenon that is easily explained, yet a cursory web search reveals virtually nothing on it. As it turns out there is a logical reason for putting a transceiver into the head rather than the hand. It seems that the skull acts as a natural antenna which will amplify any signal that may be transmitted or received. This may be easily proven with a car remote, simply placing it under the chin or against the temple will greatly increase its range. In the same manner the braces in Laurie's mouth coupled with her skull and caused her head to be filled with music. All that is needed is a radio transmission at the correct frequency and an appropriately sized resonator coupled to the skull or jaw.

Another example of this that some of you may recall is something called the "Bone Fone". It was a radio introduced in the 1980s that was worn around the neck. This is similar to Laurie's braces except this radio couples with the neck and shoulder bones instead of the jawbone causing them to vibrate strongly enough to be heard by the ears.


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