Secrets of the Sacred Name Cult (Part I)

IMGThis illustration is from the writings of one of the most powerful and wicked occultists who ever lived, Eliphas Levi. It was his writings that inspired the 'Son of Sam' mass murder spree in the late 70s. In his work “The Dogma and Ritual of High Magic” he devotes a chapter to explaining the mystery of the Tetragrammaton.

“Thus, in the opinion of the Kabalists, the name of the demon or of evil is composed of the same letters as the Name of God or goodness, but spelt backwards. This evil is the lost reflection or imperfect mirage of light in shadow.”
“The Dogma and Ritual of High Magic” - Eliphas Levi

The occult is all about duality, opposites like mirror images. There is a false, visible meaning and a true, hidden (occult) meaning. We can see this point being driven home by the inclusion of the Yin-Yang symbol and the white/black diamond/pyramid. Understanding this concept is a key to understanding most of their ideas and symbols because nothing in the occult is ever quite like what it seems.

There is so much ignorance about gestures and symbols that whole books can be written on the topic. The hand symbol shown here is for victory, or more specifically the Roman goddess Victoria.

Knowing this we can now decode this illustration. The hand is making the sign that most of us know as the “peace sign” but that is just the false, visible meaning. The true, hidden meaning is in the shadow, the goat Baphomet, a symbol of Satan.


The first line in white letters goes with the white hand, the supposed “peace sign”. The second line in black goes with the shadow of Baphomet cast by the hand making the “peace sign".

This phrase is written in Latin, the letter U should be substituted for the V because the U is only a recent addition to the language. “Per” means through, “benedictionen” means blessing, “maledictus” means cursed and “adumbratur” means “foreshadows the”. We have the supposed sacred name spelt both forwards and backwards which has been previously explained. With this information we can now see the meaning:

“Through the blessing of Yahweh is shown the coming curse of the Antichrist.”

Now that you know what it says I have a few questions for you to ask yourself.

  • Does our God have this dual nature?
  • Is the “peace sign” a symbol of our God?
  • Is the holy God of the bible ushering in the Antichrist?

 The duality that Eliphas Levi is illustrating is not of the God of the bible and Satan, but white and black magic. Our God is not double minded; He does not have a dual nature.

One other thought to consider, there is an element of timing implied in the words that Levi chose. The “Benediction” (blessing) is commonly at the end, it is the way a meeting ends in certain occult and “Christian” churches. Additionally, “adumbratur” which means “foreshadows the” would be properly placed at the beginning of something, or just before it. Taking these we could also see this to suggest that seeing the rise of the sacred name cult as a sign of the coming end of one era and beginning of another; the Age of Aquarius.


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