Understanding the Transgender Agenda

IMGBefore I go on I would like to give you a certain tidbit of information that after much research and scripture study I have found helpful in understanding certain doctrines. At a very young age we become indoctrinated into what I like to call ‘binary thinking’, which is the idea that every possible societal problem can be reduced (coagula) to two schools of thought. This is often referred to as the Hegelian dialectic which is most easily expressed as “Problem > Reaction > Solution”. Here’s an example ripped straight from recent headlines:


Careful examination of the Eliphas Levi illustration of Baphomet offers several clues as to the nature of this mythical creature which represents Satan. First off, we notice the binary thinking; the word ‘solve’ is tattooed on its right arm and ‘coagula’ its left. What do these mean? A large portion of Satan’s plan for this world is to do the exact opposite of what our God intended. This means dissolving (solve) everything that God has brought together and bringing together (coagula) what God has separated. The family unit is just one example of what Satan has been dissolving, while at the same time bringing together the male and female genders through transgenderism.

Yes, the ultimate expression of this coagula as tattooed upon Baphomet’s left arm is no less than the attempted merging of male and female into these genderless sorts of creatures. Another important thing to note of Baphomet is that it is a transgendered being, having attributes of both sexes. This is also a part of Satan’s plan, to promote gender confusion and even persuade people to reject their God-given gender identities.

On a side note, by examining Baphomet's arms we can also see the occult doctrine "As above, so below" being depicted. For those of you who may be ignorant of the superiority of the King James Bible, it may come as quite a shock to learn that this occult phrase has been blatantly placed in the Message Bible!

What does the future hold? I’m afraid it’s really bad folks. As the trans-agenda sweeps the planet, the egghead scientists are going to say it indicates that males and females are naturally evolving into one, and transgenderism is simply a healthy expression of that!

Towards that end, I believe that the current flood of sexual assault and impropriety charges against certain well-known figures that largely began with “The Character Assassination of Bill Cosby” are going to branch off to a place that no one (but the planners) expected. In the future, any male who dares to reveal their normal heterosexual desires will be reported to authorities for review. This behavior will be characterized as ‘sexual aggressiveness’. This is the coming 5th wave feminist agenda folks!

Sound far-fetched? There are already 4th wave feminists (lesbians) who define all sexual relations between a man and a woman as rape; non-consensual, and marriage as nothing more than legalized rape! These misandrists would like nothing better than to see all men castrated. Because of growing concerns over sexual assaults by men who are lacking is self-control, I believe it will be proposed that the sexual drive of normal male heterosexuals need to be chemically curbed with hormone therapy, namely estrogen. Chemical tweaking of our sexual traits by taking estrogen or testosterone will be the norm, and soon these will be available over the counter.

It is long past due for the reasonable adults to take back the dialog and set the record straight. I say that not to insult you, the reader, but simply to illustrate the absurdity of allowing the discussion to be hijacked by those who make irrational emotional arguments. Just for the sake of clarity, allow me to point out what should be incredibly obvious; men have been pursuing women and sex since the garden of Eden. Why? Because doing so is the male biological imperative. It is just how normal men are wired. Now of course that does not give anyone the right to rape, however there seems to be a generation of women who do not understand (or pretend not to) why men pursue them.

On that topic I have one other observation. As the media is filled daily with nonsense stories about Trump I cannot help but laugh at how hypocritical they are. As a Christian of course I condemn any immorality, however frankly speaking, who cares who Trump sleeps with? He’s not a Christian, it is the 21st century what do they expect from him? Kennedy was also a womanizer, but he never experienced the lack of respect that Trump is receiving. Reality check: King David, a man after God’s own heart (Acts 13:22 KJV), Slept with a man’s wife and then had him murdered on the battlefield. Of course, it’s not right, and God punished King David severely, but how hypocritical can you get?

Look, in the past I have tried to make it quite clear that Trump is not going to make America great again. As a matter of fact, it appears that he will be at the helm when America, the great whore, is burned by fire. Now all world leaders and indeed all people ultimately act in accordance with God’s will (Romans 9:19 KJV). Pharaoh was operating in God’s will and Putin will also be when he most likely starts WWIII. Throughout bible history, we see that God used Israel’s enemies to punish them when they got out of line. God does not change His ways. That said, any Christian who believes that Trump is ‘God’s man’ or is somehow actively cooperating with God is operating under strong delusion.

Folks, America was created based on Masonic principles, not Christian. America was created as a ticking time bomb, set to go off at the appointed time. America is soon to be in ashes, the immolated Phoenix, from which the new Phoenix, the New World Order, shall arise. We have multiple standing armies within just waiting to begin the civil war; racists of every color, and people looking for ‘The Big Payback’ for injustices both real and imagined. We have people addicted to government handouts, who will not know what to do when the flow gets turned off. We have illegal immigrants who’ve been taught that the American dream entitles them to free, unlimited financial support. We have sleeper cells of Russian and other foreign agents poised to wreak havoc such as the world has never seen. We have Islamist camps in America practicing with assault rifles, we have Hebrew Roots groups doing the same. What? Yes, I was contacted by one who escaped this group, and he testified to me that they are prepping for WWIII with food, bunkers and much weaponry.

Is James Bond Trannysitioning to Jane Bond?

The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.
Deuteronomy 22:5 (KJV)

Okay folks, so this one is going to be difficult to wrap your head around. Back in January after the BAFTA awards there was some fuss made over the fact that Daniel Craig looked markedly different. Today, whilst researching recently developed FTM surgical techniques I believe I have discovered exactly what has caused Daniel Craig to look demonstrably changed.

Upon close inspection of photos from the BAFTA Awards compared to previous photos of Craig it seems to me that he has undergone some preliminary feminine transitioning surgery. First is what is called a ‘brow lift’ which is exactly what it sounds like. This repositioning of the forehead serves to raise the eyebrow higher in relation to the eye socket, and also to make it appear rounder and more open, both of which are feminine traits. In addition, I see evidence that Craig’s highly angular (chiseled) jawline has been noticeably softened (rounded).

Interestingly, six years ago (back in 2012) it appears that the predictive programming (social conditioning) for a transgendered Daniel Craig was already being set in place when he appeared in drag, under the preposterous guise of support for ‘women’s equality’. This campaign largely went under the radar here in America, I for one certainly never heard of it.

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.
Genesis 1:27 (KJV)

Folks, I need you to understand something plainly; Satan is at war with the very ideas of male and female gender identity, specifically because it is part of the natural order of God’s creation! Reality check; Even with extensive surgery utilizing the most advanced of techniques a person’s gender is determined solely by God, and it can never be changed! One can only mutilate their outward appearance. Furthermore, the male and female genders can be easily differentiated by their two sex chromosomes; a natural woman will have XX chromosomes and male XY.

For many, James Bond is the very definition of masculinity. If I am correct, this ‘trannysitioning’ of Daniel Craig has been very carefully thought out for a long time and is being timed to provide the most psychological damage to the masses as possible. The introduction of Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner as Caitlyn, and even the intentional destruction of the American cowboy as a masculine icon by the movie “Brokeback Mountain” is going to seem small when compared to the revelation of Daniel Craig as a transgender.

“We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent.”
James Paul Warburg to US Senate, February 17, 1950

As I wrote in the previous article: “Revelation of the Method and Implied Consent” if people do not stand up and condemn these schemes that the synagogue of Satan hatches up they consider our silence as implied consent. It is a technique pulled straight out of their training manuals, the ‘Protocols of Zion’ and “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”.

My research has shown how over the decades these schemes have been successfully perpetrated upon the American people with great success such as women’s rights and gay rights. They don’t even bother to hide them; once I started researching the answers were easily found. You see, they are hidden in plain sight; they don’t need to hide things that people aren’t looking for. The majority are so obsessed with the minutiae of their own lives that they simply don’t care, as long as they have food on the table, shelter and mind-numbing entertainment.

The frauds currently in play are immigration rights, transgender rights and the portrayal of Yoga as mere exercise; a health choice, not religion. This has been going on for over a decade. When I was in the hospital back in 2007 recovering from surgery I was visited by a person promoting Qi Gong, which is a form of Yoga. She left me with a pamphlet extolling all of Qi Gong's virtues in promoting the healing of the body!

You should really pay attention to the words and catch-phrases they use, because they are very carefully crafted. Illegal immigration has now become simply ‘immigration’, entirely side-stepping the illegal part, the whole reason why people are against it. They also like to use the phrase ‘undocumented workers’ to mislead the public. Some of you may recall Orwell's term 'Newspeak'. This is exactly what we are witnessing before our eyes. What is the end game of this illegal immigration PSYOP?

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
“Imagine” John Lennon

No countries means one world government, the New World Order. The pieces of the puzzle all fit snugly. All you need are eyes to see and ears that hear what they are saying.

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