Water as a Commodity

IMGSocialized healthcare can be seen for what it is: a means to gain further control over the populace. But what God seems to be showing me makes healthcare look like child’s play. We all recognize that water is the most essential building block of life on this planet, but what if I told you that the current rulers of this earth want to control your access to every drop of water? Now as crazy as this may initially seem, please humor me as I show you what I am seeing.

As the old saying goes ‘where there’s smoke there’s fire’. So in keeping with that idiom my job is to be a watchman, a fire warden of sorts and to report what I see. Boiling this down to its essential elements is rather simple. In order to control the people you simply have to control all the water. Easy to figure out, ahem, but it seems it would be monumentally hard to actually do. What would it take to control America’s (and the world’s) drinking water supply? Simply stated, first you limit access to as much of the water as possible through various means.

Does the US Government own much land? Much of this country's water supply is either being controlled directly by the government (in the public trust) or owned by large multinational corporations like Nestlé that are in bed with Uncle Sam. Nestlé is in fact already being accused of commoditizing a natural resource by bottling water in California during the worse drought in their history.

Conditioning Us to Pay for Water

Today paying $1.50 for a liter of water is commonplace, but I remember a time before bottled water was commonly sold in stores. The only time you saw it was in five gallon water coolers used in offices, and that was only because offices didn't have kitchens in those days. When they started selling bottles of water in the markets people thought it was ridiculous; why pay for something you can get for free in your sink? You see, it really wasn’t so much about selling the water as it was about conditioning the populace to paying for what is the essence of life. Water is something that should be a human right, and always free.

Something you should also consider is that most of us have now become conditioned to drinking water that is completely clear, pure and without any discernable taste. I lived in New York City for many years whose water supply is considered to be one of the best in the nation. Yet once I got used to drinking bottled water I could notice the difference immediately. Some water that doesn’t necessarily taste good is still completely safe to drink. For example, water that has a high amount of hydrogen sulfide gas can taste and smell of rotten eggs, but it still considered to be safe.

Can you imagine what a world where you have to get permission from the government to get your water would be like? For all intents and purposes the government already owns the water supplies in large metropolitan areas and you pay for it via a water tax. The whole idea of commoditized water is so utterly devious that even George Orwell couldn’t fathom it. After seizing ownership of water sources the next step is to restrict public access to the remaining water through a variety of methods.


I remember when I started living in LA in 2001 I was surprised to find an entire 100 foot long aisle in the local Ralph’s Supermarket dedicated to water. The drought was rather mild back then, but the water just tasted so bad that most people bought their drinking water. Something that is not commonly known (because the mainstream media doesn’t report it) is that we have the ability to control certain aspects of the weather through HAARP technology. So why are they not causing rain in the West? Good question. Could they actually be using this technology to cause drought?

Poisoning the Well

Back in the 1950s those crazy conspiracy theorists opposed the fluoridation of water. Why? Because they believed it was being used to medicate the population and make them more apathetic. Did you know sodium fluoride is the main active ingredient in Prozac? Did you know sodium fluoride was used as an insecticide not too long ago? Technically they have been poisoning the water supplies in this country for over half a century through fluoridation.

But now through various methods such as fracking they are rendering the water supply in many areas undrinkable. Back in the 60s and 70s there were a few shows that planted the idea of a city's water supply being contaminated by LSD or some other chemical. But the truth is that it has been reported in many municipalities that the water supplies have been found to be filled with pharmaceuticals. Is this being done intentionally?

Making the Collection of Rainwater Illegal

Believe it or not many states have made it illegal to collect rainwater! How on earth is this in the public interest? Does the US government think it actually owns the rain that falls from the sky? Reality check folks, they will take away as many rights from the people as we allow them to.

Environmental Terrorism

Using insane laws drafted to prevent public access to water and lands is the very definition of environmental terrorism. Of course this is being done under the guise of protecting it for the public’s interest. Not only is the US government involved in this wicked scheme, but private corporations beholden to government interests also hold land in which billions of gallons of water are located. Many are in it for the money, however just like with public healthcare what it is really about is control.

For those who doubt that their government would be interested in complete control of the nation’s water supply I present Presidential Executive Order #13603 (Part II, Section 201, A5) which plainly states that in the event of a national emergency authority over all of the nation’s water resources is arbrarily handed over to the Secretary of Defense.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency wells drilled on private property account for only 15% of America’s water supply. This is the only source of water not currently regulated by the EPA. Look for this to change, specifically they will demand that your water be tested, for your own good of course, and if they deem it unfit for human consumption they will sever your water lines. Fracking is already ruining much of the water table in states like Texas and Pennsylvania.

In my area the water supply over a large area was tainted by a gasoline leak from a well known gas station chain (now abandoned) some 20 years ago. As part of the settlement they came in and redrilled the wells for many homeowners and presumably businesses, going deeper. How many gallons of fuel does it take to taint a water supply, and how long could that amount of fuel escape their tanks without anyone noticing? I’m not so certain that it was an accident anymore. This gas station was at the very summit of a mountainous area whose runoff eventually feeds into the Delaware river. I am just a mile away however and my water continues to be pure, glory to God.

Don’t be surprised if we also begin to see environmental terrorism where Government created boogymen like Al Qaeda start poisoning the water supplies of cities. Whether the water is actually poisoned or merely perceived as such is an important distinction to make. In any case as Christians who serve the living God we need only pray over everything we consume and trust in Him.

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